17 Resolutions For 2017


New Years is the perfect excuse for making better habits.


  1. Posted by lilypower162, — Reply

    This idea of ‘clean eating’ perpetuated by diet culture is disgusting. It implies that there is a morally superior way to eat, and that if you do not eat this way, you are inferior to those who do. There is no right or wrong way to eat.

  2. Posted by punktrash666, — Reply

    This really needs to be labeled “healthy snacks”. “Clean eating” is bullshit. If you want healthy snacks, then that’s fine. But also don’t beat yourself up if you want an unhealthy snack. Just eat in moderation and move your body in way that’s fun for you (dancing, walking, running, working out, jump rope, bike, skateboard)

  3. Posted by shadydale325, — Reply

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  4. Posted by Griffith20, — Reply

    breast cancer, uterine cancer, fibroids, in addition to man-boobs for men. So say NO to Soy, and all other Soy-related food products. I.e. Edamame, Soy Lecithin, Soybean Oil, Tofu & so on.

  5. Posted by thebeghan, — Reply

    I’m an athlete, so unprocessed food is good. But I don’t really like how they’ve said how many nuts I should eat. Or have I just interpreted that wrong? 😂

  6. Posted by roshnisanghvi1, — Reply

    Hi, Would you be able to add me in your Vegan/Nutrition/Fitness Group Boards? I can do the same for my group boards incase you are intrested.

  7. Posted by kat56hy, — Reply

    Clean eating is that there’s nothing artificial or processed. Lots of stuff is labeled “Healthy” and it really isn’t... just sayin’.

  8. Posted by jlaurent23, — Reply

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  9. Posted by lilypower162, — Reply

    I completely understand the reasoning behind promoting healthy eating. I’m not trying to dissuade people from eating nutrient-dense foods, as this is a quintessential part of maintaining good health. I just didn’t really like the language in this post, the phrase “clean eating” in particular. Though I totally understand where you’re coming from.

  10. Posted by shambetovaaiperi, — Reply

    That's amazing! I need to add this healthy list to my daily menu. I already have healthy menu, but I found smth new here. Thanks for that.

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